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My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed Marvel Studios’ first “official” foray into episodic TV shows with WandaVision. The format was ingenious and during some episodes I found myself moving from laughing out loud to suspense to near-horror as an episode progressed. The characters, pacing, and slow revelation of the internals of the plot felt like an entirely new direction for Marvel—especially as it relates to worldbuilding.

Worldbuilding is a choice word—especially given the concept of the show (I’m going to try my hardest to avoid surfacing spoilers if you haven’t seen the show and I will definitely warn you before…

Photograph of the painting Om/Aun, Alpha & Omega by Makoto Fujimura (2013).

Lots has changed since I started doing design and technical consulting in late 2018. From Mid-2020 to today the world feels entirely different—like a strange and alien landscape.

During quarantine I’ve come back to this thought over and over again:

I never thought this is what the apocalypse would look like.

The quiet. The stillness. Warring ideologies. Disinformation, racism, and violence tearing the world apart from every angle. And then, the physical quiet. I’ve been running almost every day and the natural world is still so wild and teeming with life. Our backyard is filled with birds, nests, and small…

Resources for Reading, Worship, Growth, and Devotion

This year I partnered with Crossway¹ to bring together some items that I wanted to recommend as Christmas gifts and as fodder for spiritual growth and discipleship as 2020 comes to a close and 2021 looms on the horizon. I think it’s important to hold on to what is good in the midst of a turbulent year that has introduced a pandemic, weathered civil unrest, raging fires, a tense political election, and continued ideology divide and unrest.

Through it all, Christ is deeper still.


Once again, it’s time for my annual Minimalist Gift Guide. Curating thoughtful, well-designed items is a great joy, especially in a year that has been fraught with so many painful emotions. Sometimes it’s the small quiet moments that make all the difference, and point us back toward the goodness of humanity, bring hope for what is possible, and even push us to delight in the everyday simple pleasures that life affords.

Without further adieu, here is this year’s list organized in four categories: Carry, Writing, Tech, and Desk. I hope you enjoy!


Items that are carried with you and used…

Embracing God’s Presence in Uncertainty

From Rage to Patience.
From Rage to Patience.
artwork © jonathan simcoe ~ 2020 ~ all rights reserved

Last night I found myself boiling over as i sat on the couch with my guitar. the kids were all in bed and i was alone trying to come to grips with everything going on around me. it’s the like the pain just wanted to come seeping out of me. lately i’ve found myself enraged by the slightest perceived “offense” or the actions of sad, scared people that i observe all around me (most of it via social media).


Not so long since you called me ‘Father,
teacher of my youth’,
thinking, ‘Will he keep up his anger for ever?
Will he…

Gaining Wisdom in the Trenches

The iconic GORUCK GR1.

I’ve been engrossed with episode 208 of the Jocko Podcast recently—a nearly four hour conversation between Jocko Willink and Jason McCarty (the Founder and CEO of GORUCK). Much of the early discussion is around their special forces military careers, and the “hardening” that happens through years and years of training hard and showing up. In the episode Jocko made a comment about how the wisdom of his leadership skills and knowledge wasn’t a one-time click that immediately came to him. It came after learning through mistake after mistake after mistake. Over months and years of showing up and working hard.

For the past several years I’ve been creating a gift guide centered around tastefully made items of quality. I love finding items that are well-made, thoughtfully-approached, and that make modern daily life simple and more enjoyable.

This year I’m excited to share some of my favorite products with you. I’ve organized this year’s list into 4 large buckets: Carry, Desk, Travel, and Bookshelf. Also I’ve curated an “addendum” section that highlights some beautiful projects from across the pond in the UK for your enjoyment.

In my journey through 2019 I’m coming to grips with the destructive and often insidious nature…

Photo by Harry Sandhu

There is a great danger in moving too fast. Humans beings were not designed to move at the pace and scale that modern life demands. The near-constant inundation with scheduling, tasks, assignments, responsibilities, and the expectations of living in a connected, always-on world has taken its toll on our souls. We don’t take time to be still, to listen, to breathe, or be present in any given moment.

This scattered approach to life leaves us feeling hollow and restless—constantly in search of the next thing. Where will our next fulfillment fix come from? An app on our phone? Our vocation…

Simple Beautiful Objects for Discerning Tastes

My minimalist Holiday gift guides are become an annual tradition. This year has been a crazy year for me both personally and professionally. Lots has changed. Embracing near-constant change is both exhilarating and exhausting. As much as I’m ready to press into 2019 to see what it brings, there is something beautiful and pausing and taking time to enjoy the simpler things in life around the holidays.

To aid in this cause, and to rejoice in a few well-made things suitable for giving and lasting (hopefully) a lifetime, I give to you my 2018 guide. …

When master type designer Bram de Does produced TEFF Lexicon, he created the world’s most expensive typeface (according to Typewolf). The only other typeface that emerged from his hand is Trinité, in 1982. While working on Trinité, De Does “studied different solutions to increase harmony on the printed page, and achieve better legibility.” Both works from de Does are masterpieces in their own right.

You can imagine my bewilderment when I studied the production details for Crossway’s re-release of the ESV Reader’s Bible Six Volume edition and found that the project was set in Trinité №2 Roman at 12pt.

Jonathan Simcoe

Endlessly curious. ~ Currently @avohq. Previously @akidsbookabout, @meetcircle, @workwithopal.

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